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Customers report 100+% Satisfaction with Daystar's
Service, Upgrades, and Processor Replacement Products!
The notes below are unsolicited customer testinonials and notes to daystar.....

To you and your team my very best wishes for 2005. I am sorry for writing you somewhat belated after the great job you did with my Pismo. Thanks a lot for getting it working and back to me so quickly and with such fair conditions. Also the forum I had contacted with regard to the boot problem was quite amazed by your service. Thanks again and best regards, A.O.

It is so pleasant to talk to people who are Christian and involved in Christian outreaches.  If you ever desire to go and work in Baghdad or somewhere where we can put our lives on the line for Christ, I will carry your bags. Thank you very, very much. B.W.

Thanks again for all your professional service and support. 11 on a scale of 10, pretty much says it all. R.C.

Thanks for your prompt replies and the info about the memory modules. Also thanks for offering a product that has given new life to my Lombard. Take care, B.S.

The whole experience was smooth and efficient as could be, and I'm delighted by the results. I've never had a better experience with repairs or upgrades than this one - everything from courtesy to the hardware itself was perfect. All the good words I've read about Daystar turned out to be exactly right. I'll definitely be back for more. All best wishes, E.M.

Please keep up the good work. I will recommend you to anyone else I know looking for Mac upgrades. A very satisfied customer, T.C.

I'm very happy with two Daystar upgrades... one is in an 8500......and one is in a BW.......both are perfect! THANKS! T.B.

...appreciate your professionalism. Have been sending (a) lot of my associates to your site and have told them about the great service and quick response that i got from you guys and the way you packed my Mac. Once again thank you and looking forward to do business with you. Regards... j.a.z.

What a great product you have, install simple and even a novice can have an upgrade running within half an
hour. I can now run iDVD and publish family video to the Luddites who are not quite up on computers. Thank you again. D.R.

It's amaizing ! ! ! ! !. My G3 is running now with your Upgrade G4 550 Mhz and it's a real, total happyness for me. It's easy, simple even for a poor old MacManiac like me  <);°). Many thanks. Friendly yours J.C.

Received our Lombard back yesterday and am totally psyched by its new performance! Any errors I had with apps before are GONE! And I tried every one of them. We couldn't be more pleased. This machine is 5 years old, now, and runs like a champ. Great job! Great service! What kind of cool upgrades can you offer for my 800 mhz flat panel iMac?! Thanks again! Well worth the $$! M.C.

To say that I'm impressed would be a gross understatement! From time-to-time we hear horror stories of poor or non-existent customer support, and I guess we are somewhat conditioned to not expect much, but your superb performance is in a rather rarified category. I certainly plan to tell my friends and contacts about this. Be Well, D.S.

Thank you and thanks for the great service. Both the upgrade and (now) the DVD-ROM drive are working great. T.F.

Works great. You and your company are awesome. Thanks for making great products and having such wonderful customer service. J.S.

Thanks again for the great product and service; I'll be sure and recommend you and Daystar to anyone looking to upgrade their Mac! Best Regards, P.S

All this to say, you guys are quite the artistes. I've been frustrated for years by how quickly consumer computing makes itself vintage, on & on with few mods that matter. Thanks for extending the wire on pismo; it really belongs to Daystar now. Happy Holidays to you and your expert staff. R.Y.

I want to tell you how happy my mother is with her upgraded Pismo. She is an older lady (mid-60's) who just loves to sit in her sunny den and surf the web wirelessly. I sent you guys a totally nonfunctional Pismo, and you made it into a practically-new laptop, the likes  of which my mother never dreamed of owning. Peace, J.B.

Anyway, I'm pleased with the G4 upgrade to my "Lombard". Been performing well with no downside to it. Regards, S.T.

I am quite pleased with my Daystar purchases and I have quite confidently recommended your products to others. Thank you, E.B.

I am very pleased with my experiences with your company and will post accordingly.  I look forward to many years of upgrades, trade-ins, and purchases. K.E.

Gary, your staff and their technological commitment for excellence has definitely satisfied my computer needs. Now about your special offer on a G-5 PowerBook? D.M.

This is one of those glowing thank you emails from another satisfied customer. About a month ago you upgraded my Lombard PowerBook. Not only was the service and price exactly as advertised but my "workhorse" came back to me polished and shining like it was brand new. It felt like I was getting a new machine. I'm a perfectionist working in the Apple Tech Support field. It takes quite an effort to impress me but you did it with room to spare. Thanks. D.N.

Thank you for a superb service on Pismo. The whole upgrade process was handled very professionally. Please forward my appreciation to your staff. The G4 550MHz upgrade has made a great overall improvement on the Pismo performance. Finally, now I can run the G4 only applications. I'm sure I'll enjoy the Pismo for more than a few years. I hope to use your again in the future. R.P.

Just wanted to let you know that my 5-9310U G-Celerator arrived and is installed and running without any problems. It was a simple install and the instructions were very clear. E.M.

...upgrade looks great. The quick turnaround was most appreciated. I will put in a nice comment on the Apple Consultants
list regarding your good service. Thanks again. M.Q.

Once again, let me compliment you on a well-organized web site, and your personal responsiveness to all my inquiries. I work with a lot of different hardware and software. Personal service, like yours, is a rare commodity, and should ensure your continuing success. K.B.

I received my Lombard this afternoon, and I just wanted to tell you how absolutely pleased I am! It seems to be almost a different computer! Much "snappier" than it was as a G3, and as a result, I look forward to it continuing to be a very useful computer for me for a long time to come! Not only the upgrade, but the additional services were greatly appreciated..and by the way, when I opened the packing, it even _smelled_ good! Thanks again, and I hope that your efforts in this area are appreciated by many, many more folks. I'm certain that they will be every bit as delighted as am I! J.D.

I must say that Daystar has been a terrific company to deal with, in all aspects but especially communication . . . as to when the order was coming, how to install, and now this. Thank you so much. R.P.S.

I would like to thank you for the excellent customer service I received and the speediness of the the repair of my laptop.  My Laptop is working Greeeat!!!!!!!!! :). W.G.

Thank you very much for the really appreciable service you provided. There is indeed a remarkable accelaration of the general performance, especially in Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop 6, and videos are much more fluid than before ; and I much appreciate the "bonuses", be it the mouse, the cleaning, the fractal software or the screen protection pad. A.O.

I just wanted to send you a follow-up email on the laptop I had upgraded. I did receive it successfully, thank you so very much for all of your attention in getting the package delivery sorted out. The Pismo itself it absolutely stellar. I am extremely pleased with the upgrade and everything has been working great. What was really only useful for iTunes and internet browsing, with some basic work in photoshop and Reason, is now a fast, snappy machine. As i described it to a friend, it was a difference between using it as a toy and it being genuinely useful. I couldn't be more pleased.Anyway, I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you again for all your help and for taking the extra steps to make sure everything got resolved quickly and satisfactorily. I wish you the best in the future and you can be sure I will look to your company in the future first for my upgrade (and other computer) needs.. H.R.

Just received my PISMO back from the upgrade, works great. At the same time as upgrading the PISMO to a G4, you diagnosed the problem with my LCD screen and installed a replacement. Everything working great. I practically live out of this laptop and the fast turnaround and service was great. I will recommend your company to anyone that needs an upgrade. Many thanks for a job well done. L.C

Just a short post to inform you I submitted comments on the Daystar 550MHz upgrade to my B & W G3400MHz Rev 1 system to xlr8yourmac.com on 20 April 2004. Thanks again to Daystar and you personally for the professional upgrade package along with the best communications and support available on the internet!!! 11 on a scale of 10, still pretty much says it all.. R.M..

"... You won't be disappointed." - And I wasn't! My Pismo came back yesterday. Excellent service all the way through, many thanks.Wow, what an amazing overall performance improvement. It's like a different computer. I would recommend a Daystar upgrade to anyone. Best regards, A.G.

Like having a surprise Christmas present.I am more than pleased....I am happy! You are like a Solider's Officer in every meaning of the phrase,that is what I think. Did you see the movie "We Were Solider's with Mel Gibson"? ...

Dear Daystar, Thanks for a great product! I have a Machspeed G4/500mhz for my B&W, and it has been working perfectly ever since I installed it! The speed boost given from a 500mhz G4 over a 300mhz G3 is HUGE. I am loving the product... JH

What I really appreciated was the lack of heat issues. I found it to be as cool as the old G3 processor to the touch. The fan did not come on once and using it on my lap several times and on the airplane was never uncomfortable. I haven't done any speed tests but my choice of the G4 over the competitive G3 900 was the intense heat problem the G3 900 has and my major use of Altivec apps like Photoshop and iTunes. Both of those programs ran snappy and I was in awe at how fast iTunes converted into AIFF files... Thanks again for the friendly service and fantastic upgrade to my system. M.G.

Over 2000 Responses... eBay Customers 100% Positive Feedback!
The excerpts below are a sampling.... Click to view all Feedback at eBay

speed shipping, perfect packaged, good sellar ... Super, excellent seller!!!!!! A credit to EBAY!!!!!! A+++++++++++++++ ... Fast delivery-item friendly packaging-just as described-THANX ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... Great Transaction - Great eBayer - A+++++ ... They make good of their word.....good business people! ... Quick Ship. New life for my 300Mhz B&W G3, now a 550Mhz G4!!! Five Star ***** ... Great Product and Great service. Recommended ... Great seller will buy from them again! A++ ... Professional in every way. Recommended ... Excellent Tech. Support! Highly Recommend this Seller! G.D. R.O.C.K.S ... Fast shipping. Quick and easy transaction. Highly recommended! ... Smooth transaction, fast shipping! Thank You! ... Thanks for such a fast service and extremely great product. will do business.... ... Excellent seller--would buy from again-AAA+++ ... Smooth transaction, saved some money...highly recommended!! ... An excellent business to deal with, an asset to Ebay! A++ on this transaction! ... Fast ship, Good product, Thanks!! AAA+++ .... Great people and great product - recommend highly !! ... got it in 2 days and it was all good. ... GARY IS WAY COOL >>>> I MEAN REALLY WAY COOL A+++++++++++++ ... Excellent seller!!! Buy with confidence. Excellent product and support. A+++++++ ... Excellent seller!!! Buy with confidence. Excellent product and support. A+++++++ ... Excellent seller!!! Buy with confidence. Excellent product and support. A+++++++ ... Order was received promptly. Nice doing business with them. ... Best source for Macintosh upgrades on Ebay!!!! Great company!!!! A++++++++++++++ ... great seller, fast delivery & wonderful product. Many thanks to Daystar! ... Excellent transaction - A+++ ... Great communication, great Ebayer, great to work with, couldn't be better ... Excellent seller!!! Buy with confidence. Excellent product and support. A+++++++ ... 2d great purchase from you. thanks again. well done ... Very professional seller on ebay. highly satisfied with the product. A+++++++++ ... great item. works as advertised arrived quickly...shipped two orders saving $ ... Good transaction, item packed properly, I recommend this seller ... Excellent ebayer, package arrived well packed and prompt ...

CPU Reviews by Customers... Ratings of 10 out of 10!
The excerpts are from xlr8yourmac.com.... Click to search and view

First off, Gary provides top notch customer service! I could not have been happier or more relaxed sending my beloved Pismo our for upgrades. He answers email's promptly - even late in the evening. When you get your machine back, it will definately start up faster, launch applications faster, and run cooler. I'm sorry I don't have any solid before and after numbers because I forgot to run the before numbers. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend this upgrade for pismo owners running OS X. The computer is so much more responsive, i.e. windows open and close quickly and smoothly. Anything video related runs much better. Finally, it runs so cool! I used to always get a sweaty left palm/heal of the hand. Now there is barely a difference in heat on either side of the palm rest. I don't have any hard battery life numbers comparing before and after, so I can't comment on the low power consumption of this new 7410 chip. N.Y.

This was possibly the cheapest upgrade that one can purchase for the 7600 today. Even though it is only 233 MHz and a 604e processor...you can't go wrong for $29.00. The Daystar store is still selling these. I bought this upgrade in April 2003. I realize that the G3 upgrades are coming down in price...but it just wasn't economical for me to purchase one just yet. So, I settled on the 604e upgrade. It has performed flawlessly and there is a DEFINITE speed increase over the 132 MHz proc. FSB speed is 47 MHz according to Gauge Pro. I could try to OC it to 250/50 but I have read that there are stability issues. Overall....Pretty descent bang for the buck. M.C.

I had previously installed a Powerlogix G3 900Mhz Zif and had nothing but trouble from the start. The Zif didn't drop into the socket as it should have and I determined that the problem was that it had pins out of alignment! I almost did in the mother board getting the xxxxx! thing to install. Once installed it kept crashing and freezing. After finally getting in touch with Powerlogix they could only suggest clocking it back to 850. So what the xxxx did I spend the extra $$$ to get a 900Mhz unit for? Even after I clocked it back to 850Mhz. it still failed and ran hotter than hell. Frustrated I pulled it and bought a 550 G4 from Daystar. What a world of differance! The unit came with everything you need to install it ( even a screw driver!). It also came with great online support! Just remember to update your firmware. Their speed control software is great. It even monitors temperature of the processor. These folks are a pleasure to do business with. I recommend this product and suggest you buy it directly from them. I bought the Powerlogix zif from OWC and they wanted to charge me a 15% restocking fee for returning the defective zif. And they already know that 15% to 20% of these units just don't work in B&W Macs! Nobody tells you this though. Go with the Daystar product you won't be disappointed. A.S.

Daystar recently came out with a G4 550 that is based on a lower power CPU and I chose them after feedback and interviews I heard online. It was a great decision. They were not only very professional and friendly but kept me updated on the progress of my installation. I will add that they made some additional repairs that I asked for in addition to installing Panther which debuted that same week. The complete install, including delivery, took about 5 days (Daystar sends a prepaid Airborne box for sending in my PB.) M.G.

The best advice I can give to anyone considering an upgrade for this model laptop is dont even consider anyone else but Daystar, I recommend them highly. BTW I have been working with Apples, Macs and computers for over 25 years and have extensive experience in servicing, repairing and troubleshooting. D.V.

This has been a most pleasing experience. The upgrade went off without a hitch. Daystar provide a shipping container and adequate instructions on preparing and shipping my Pismo for their work on the G4 550mhz upgrade. I sent the system on a Friday and had it back, up and running on the subsequent Thursday. That's three days folks, since I didn't opt for the weekend update option. My system was completely checked and tuned up before the installation. On return everything worked as promised...only much faster. Photoshop really flies now. All my data was intact (yes, I made a complete backup before I sent it off) and all the ports, networking and condition remained unchanged. I couldn't find as much as a new scratch on the case. T.M.

This was a wonderful upgrade. Just got started on Mac, since OS X now based on BSD. Took a bite with this cheap G3... first tried upgrading to a copper core 450. That failed. I saw XLR8's G3 500, at a reasonable deal, considering the time I put in trying to use the 450 on a Beige G3. Had some minor issues with shipping. Gary @ XLR8/Daystar was very considerate and helpful. Quick response too. So, I'm happily humming along right now @ 525mhz, and getting quite the kick out of it. R.C.

This card has been very good to me the past few days. I had been running one of the PowerLogix 900MHz G3s for a month or so, but I decided I wanted a G4. I noticed that my games (mainly X2:Wolverine's Revenge and UT2003) run smoother than they did (suggests that AltiVec was used in these games). Actual desktop speed (simple opening and closing of apps, opening finder windows, etc.) has decreased a bit, but minimizing and maximizing windows has become much smoother. J.W.

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Daystar Technology specializes in Macintosh and PowerBook CPU Upgrades. As a leader in Mac CPU upgrades, Daystar also provides world class certified service and new system sales. Daystar reserves the right to adjust, change or modify its policies, products and specifications at any time.