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This site is optimized for Safari!
More than double the speed
of your original iMac!
Lower power CPU and components
for maximum life!
Peace of mind with
Daystar's factory installation!
Thousands upgraded...
none disappointed!

Work Twice as Fast on Your iMac Flat Panel G4!
The XLR8 MAChSpeed G4 iMac FP CPU upgrade, will energize your system with new life. With real-world 2x performance, you're getting a completely different user experience!

This upgrade not only delivers 1.35 GHz or 1.92 GHz in performance, but doubles the size of your current cache to 512 KB - that translates to more performance in half the time. That's half the time to create, to view, to work... and twice the time to play!.

The MAChSpeed's Fast 7457 (1.35 GHz) and 7447A (1.92 GHz) G4 CPUs are 100% compatible with everything you run. They work transparently with all Apple's latest applications and newest OS's - Panther and Tiger. So now, you can run the latest and greatest while keeping your beautiful iMac Flat Panel system!

Daystar installs all new components (CPU w/ 512 KB cache and motherboard modifications). Our Apple Certified technicians will fully test the system (our 21 point checkup) and also complete a full diagnostic at no extra charge. A wide range of shipping options are available when ordering. Daystar also offers a custom shipping container at no extra charge.

Wondering if an upgrade is right for your system? Consider this...
The iMac Flat Panel is an excellent computer.
Most can boot into OS9, have the expandability of all the latest systems, much quieter and is more elegant in physical design than the iMac G5. Unlike the Mac Mini, the iMac is very expandable with sound in, multiple ports and video out (and faster!).
Extend the life of your iMac Flat Panel.
The fast 7457/7447A CPUs deliver new life to your aging iMac FP. They extend the useful life for another few years. Great for work, home or school.
Wait for the next great iMac jump, before buying new.
Apple's has announced that G5 is out, and Intel is in. In short, why buy a new iMac G5 today when the iMac with Intel will coming? Plus, you can get "near G5" performance for OS X now and use all the newest "fast G4" only Apps at full speed, today!
Installation, testing, and configuration are included! No Hidden Costs! No Hidden Problems! All you have to do is order, select your shipping options, then put your iMac in the provided shipping container - we do the rest... in 48 hours. All labor and parts are included. Unlike reseller conversion processes, we do it all - factory direct! Daystar's Apple Certified Technicians handle all electronics work, CPU conversion, system tuning, software and testing, so you get fast, secure and professional service. And, with 48 hour turnaround, you're assured of running at superfast G4 speeds in just a few days.

Problem System? No Problem! Daystar is an Apple Authorized Service Provider! If your system is having problems, needs a new screen, new parts, or just a full end-to-end cleaning, Daystar will handle the task. Just include your service request on the system checklist when you ship your iMac. Daystar will provide a full estimate on repairing or refurbishing your system before upgrading.

Week-ender program for nearly zero down-time! Just like Daystar's renown Pismo Upgrade program, we offer the iMac FP "Week-ender". This program includes overnight shipping of your iMac (USA only), and 12 hour conversion of your system. So, you ship your system on Thursday, then start working at G4 speeds Monday! Yes, it is expensive, but if downtime is an issue, this is your answer.

   Exclusive Technologies
System Requirements:
   1.92 GHz Upgrade (7447A w/ 512 L2)
      1.0 GHz iMac G4 Flat Panel.
      1.25 GHz iMac G4 Flat Panel.
   1.35 GHz Upgrade (7457 w/ 512 L2)
      700 MHz iMac G4 Flat Panel.
      800 MHz iMac G4 Flat Panel.

Software Compatibility: 
      Apple Mac OS9.2.2
         (on systems supporting dual boot originally)
      Mac OS X Panther and Tiger.
      Standard Mac Software.

CPU Performance: 
      1.35: Freescale 7457 CPU at 1.35 GHz.
      1.92: Freescale 7447A CPU at 1.92 GHz.
      512 KB Internal 2 Cache at CPU speed.

      Complete installation and testing.
      Fully CPU / Cache Upgrade.
      30 Days of Daystar ProTech Support.
      Custom thermal and electrical modifications.
      Custom shipping container.
      XLR8 MAChSpeed Control.
      Daystar 21 point test and diagnostic.
      Overnight burn-in and thermal testing.
      3-way US ground shipping + options.

7457 and 7447A iMac Flat Panel Upgrades: Only Daystar... the original Macintosh Upgrade Company has the technology and expertise required to upgrade the iMac Flat Panel, and ensure 100% compatibility.

Auto Profiling & Protection Software: Automated compatibility and performance software that provides full cache and CPU testing. The software (MAChSpeed Control) also updates the internal system to correct Apple System Profiler reporting in OSX. This is extremely important to ensure maximum performance in the latest applications.

Daystar CPU Conversion Program: Daystar offers full security and uncompromising quality conversion conversions by performing all operations using Apple Certified Technicians, and testing in-house, using state-of-the art equipment. (Competitive programs send the CPUs, cards and sometimes the whole system out to unknown third parties).

 Product Availability    Real-world Performance Gains
1.35 MAChSpeed G4 iMFP
1350 MHz CPU/cache Upgrade
For the iMac 700/800 MHz

1.92 MAChSpeed G4 iMFP
1920 MHz CPU/cache Upgrade
for the iMac 1.0/1.25 GHz

 Week-ender Special Fast Turnaround!
(Ship Thursday, receive Monday)

MAChSpeed G4 iMac FP 1350 and 1920
Standard iMac G4 700 and 1.0 GHz

The combination of double sized L2 cache,
and nearly double CPU MHz,
delivers 2.1x real-world speed for every iMac

http://daystartechnology.com - http://Daystar-Store.com - http://xlr8.com
3550 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd. #107 - Suwanee, GA 30024 USA -
Tel: 770-614-5400 - Fax: 770-614-0540 -
[email protected]

Apple Authorized ResellerApple Authorized Service Provider
Daystar Technology specializes in Macintosh and PowerBook CPU Upgrades. As a leader in Mac CPU upgrades, Daystar also provides world class certified service and new system sales. Daystar reserves the right to adjust, change or modify its policies, products and specifications at any time.