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3550 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd. #107, Suwanee, GA 30024 USA - Gary Dailey: 404-625-7432, [email protected]

For Immediate Release
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Daystar iMac Flat Panel CPU Upgrades,
Now Starting at $449...
Daystar passes lower costs on to endusers.
iMac CPU upgrades now under $500!.

Atlanta, Georgia - October 17, 2005: Citing new lower shipping and CPU costs Daystar Technology, an Apple Authorized Reseller and Mac Solutions Integrator, announced today, that it is cutting the iMac Flat Panel Upgrade pricing.

The upgrades utilize the most powerful G4 CPUs available today. In additional to nearly double the CPU cycles, the upgrades also double the high-performance L2 cache size from 256 KB to 512 KB. The net result... more than 2x real-world performance for all iMac Flat Panel owners.

Better shipping and CPU costs, become lower user prices.
Daystar has moved it's shipping exclusively to FedEx, which has generated lower pricing on shipping. New distribution agreements have also lowered the costs of the "upper-end" Freescale CPUs used for their iMac upgrades. Daystar is passing the savings onto the customers. The result being lower prices, all around.

"We are amazed at the number of orders!", said Gary Dailey, president of Daystar. "The rate of acceptance has allowed us deliver even lower pricing, and drop below the $500 price barrier."

3-way shipping options, for maximum flexibility.
Customer can now choose from a range of shipping options. The 3-way choices (preship box, unit to Daystar, then unit to customer), allow the customer to tailor the speed and cost of their upgrade.

The Cost of the upgrade is dependent on the speed:

  • 1.35 GHZ (7457) for the iMac 700 / 800 MHz is $ 449
  • 1.92 GHZ (7447A) for the iMac 1.0 / 1.25 GHz is $ 499

Features include:

  • xBench 1.2 Scores jump from the mid teens to the high 50's, surpassing
    the fastest iMac G4, and some iMac G5s.
  • Double performance for all OS operations and applications.
  • Highest qualified G4 CPUs available, rated to 105c!
  • Factory installation via Apple Certified Technicians.
  • Daystar 21 point system test and diagnostics, with overnight burn-in tests.
  • Effortless shipping with Daystar's custom box and prepaid shipping options.
  • Compatible with any Mac OS since 9.2... Including Tiger 10.4.x.
  • Supports dual boot systems - works with everything you own.
  • Includes XLR8 MAChSpeed Control for exclusive G4 performance / compatibility.
  • All upgrades warranted at speed sold, with Daystar's exclusive 90/728 warranty program.
  • Also include 30 Days of Daystar's New ProTech support.

About Daystar and XLR8 Brand Products.
Daystar Technology is a Macintosh Solutions Integrator. The company specializes in developing custom solutions, and integrating leading performance technologies for consumers, enterprise and graphics professionals. Daystar operates as an Apple Authorized Reseller and Service center, and maintains a staff of Apple Certified Technicians. Daystar is also the designer and manufacturer of XLR8 brand products. With its history as the creator of the original Mac upgrade, the company continues to deliver the best of the best for the Apple based computing platform.

Daystar currently distributes/resells Apple, XLR8, My InternetPC, Giga Design and a variety of leading brand products via its store front and web store at http://Daystar-Store.com. Daystar offers a wide array of Apple performance products. It also sells and services Apple products via its store-front in Suwanee, Georgia.

Additional information on Daystar Technology and XLR8 can be found via the Daystar website at: http://daystar-tech/about/ and http://daystar-tech/news/


Apple Authorized ResellerApple Authorized Service Provider
Daystar Technology specializes in Macintosh and PowerBook CPU Upgrades. As a leader in Mac CPU upgrades, Daystar also provides world class certified service and new system sales. Daystar reserves the right to adjust, change or modify its policies, products and specifications at any time.