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XLR8 Product Repair Services.

Daystar Tech provides Apple Certified service for all classes of Desktop systems and PowerBooks. You can fill out the order form below or order directly at http://Daystar-Store.com.


Please note: all repairs through Daystar include a 90 day parts and labor warranty and electronic technical support. We accept MasterCard, Visa and Paypal based Payments. Once you've completed the order form, using the information above, fax it to Daystar at 678-547-3163. You can then mail your card with a copy of the faxed form to:

Daystar Technology
Attn: Service
3550 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd. 108
Suwanee, GA 30024

For comments and questions, please email us at
[email protected].

XLR8 CPU Upgrade Repairs
XLR8 CPU Upgrade Repairs
Regular XLR8 Warranty
MACh Speed 604 $ 20 $ 10

MACh Speed G3

$ 70 $ 35

MACh Speed G3/G4 ZIF

$ 80 $ 40

MACH Carrier G3/G4

$ 100 $ 50
MACh Velocity $ 250 $ 125
XLR8 CPU Adapter Repairs
Regular XLR8 Warranty
CarrierZIF Standard or MPE Adapter $ 50 $ 25
CarrierZIF SSE Upgrade Adapter $ 70 $ 40

Other XLR8 Product Repairs
InterView 2.1 w/ Strata Videoshop 4.5
Regular XLR8 Warranty

IInterView USB 2.0

$ 30 $ 10

InterView USB 2.1 (NTSC) w/ OS X Support

$ 40 $ 20
IceView USB Hub    
IceView USB Hub - Powered $ 30 $ 10
Point&Scroll Mouse    
Mouse with Point&Scroll Control $ 8 $ 4
MAChFire PCI w/ Strata VideoShop 4.5    
MAChFire Firewire Card $ 40 $ 20
MAChVision Video Cards    
MAChVision $ 40 $ 20

Apple Authorized ResellerApple Authorized Service Provider
Daystar Technology specializes in Macintosh and PowerBook CPU Upgrades. As a leader in Mac CPU upgrades, Daystar also provides world class certified service and new system sales. Daystar reserves the right to adjust, change or modify its policies, products and specifications at any time.