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Select below to download Techical Support Docs for XLR8 brand products.

  CarrierZIF with PowerLogix - TechNote
Daystar Enduser License 68KB PDF
MAChCarrier & CarrierZIF - TechNote
MAChSpeed Control - OSX - TechNote 114KB PDF
MAChSpeed G3 - TechNote
MAChSpeed G3 Dial Switches - TechNote
MAChSpeed G4 Sawtooth - TechNote
MAChSpeed G3 ZIF - TechNote
MAChSpeed G4 ZIF - TechNote
MAChSpeed ZIF Troubleshooting - TechNote
About InterView - ReadMe
About InterView Theater - ReadMe
About InterView WebCleaner - ReadMe
InterView 1.0 - TechNote
InterView 2.0 - TechNote
InterView OSX - TechNote
InterView TroubleShooting Guide - TechNote 42KB PDF
XLR8 Performance: G3 vs G4 - White Paper 58K PDF
XLR8 Speculative Processing - White Paper 14KB PDF
XLR8 ZIF and Carrier Card Settings 644KB PDF
XLR8 Product Matrix & Compatibility - Chart 1.4MB PDF

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