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The Cuda Chip section

The definition for the Cuda Chip is as follows:

A microcontroller chip that serves as the managing circuitry for the Apple Desktop Bus and the real-time clock. It oversees the power on and off of the system. It maintains the parameter RAM, better known as PRAM. It also manages and maintains information regarding all system resets from various commands. Examples of this are: keyboard restart, lose of power, software restart.

Problem Resolution

Several system problems can be resolved by resetting the Cuda Chip. By purging the information kept by the Cuda Chip, you can restart the system with default settings. It sends a constant signal to the power supply. If this signal is not within the power supply or Cuda’ specifications, the system with either shutdown or freeze.


The procedure for resetting the Cuda Chip is as follows:

Shut down the system. Remove the AC power connector from the back of the machine. Open the side panel. Locate the red reset button. Press and hold the reset button for approximately 5 seconds. Replace side panel and plug power back into the machine. This procedure resets the Cuda Chip back to it's defaults.