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System 7.5.3 Installation Tips and Issues

A new System Install presents many opportunities for problems to crop up.
We would like to present some tips that you might want to take into account.

A: Known Compatability Issues:

  • System 7.5.3 will cause floppy drives to operate improperly on the MacIIvi, Iivx and Performa 600 with a Turbo 601 installed. DayStar is investigating the problem but at this time we recommend that these userÕs not upgrade to 7.5.3.

B: Installation Tips:

  1. Run Norton Disk Doctor, MacTools or Apple's Disk First Aid and clean up all anolmalies with your hard drive.
  2. Back up everything on your hard drive.

  3. Update your hard disk driver software using a locked floppy of Apple's Disk Tools or your own formatter software.

  4. Take screen snap shots of your General, Memory, and TCP/IP Control Panels in case this information has to be re-input after the next step.

  5. ZAP your parameter RAM to make sure it is clean before you do the install. (Hold down Command-Control-P-R while booting and let the machine ÒBongÓ three times, then release the keys).

  6. Perform a "Clean Install" from your original System 7.5 or 7.5.2 CD or diskettes that came with your Mac. (Hit Command-Shift-K and choose to make a clean install before clicking on the Install button).

  7. If you are running any DayStar 601 upgrade cards, be sure you put the machine in 601 mode.
  8. Install the System 7.5 Update 2.0 from locked floppy disks.

  9. Restart your computer and let the Installer INIT remove unnecessary items.

  10. Restart your computer again with the Shift Key held down --to disable extensions-- and then hit Command-Option to rebuild the desktop files.

  11. Transfer necessary control panels, extensions, and preferences from the "previous System Folder" that your clean install created.

  12. Be sure you are running the latest version of Speed Doubler (1.1.2) or greater.

  13. If you are running a Genesis MP, be sure to visit our web site and get the latest Genesis MP update disk image (1.2) or greater.

  14. If you are running a VI, VX or Performa 600 with a Turbo 601, you will have floppy drive problems. We recommend NOT upgrading to System 7.5.3.