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Using the CarrierZIF with PowerLogix "dial" based ZIF modules.

The unsurpassed flexibility and ease of use of the XLR8 CarrierZIF has allowed countless Mac users to "recycle" ZIF modules from various models of Macintosh systems and to couple the CarrierZIF with other manufacturer's ZIFs.

In an effort to aid customers using this combination, we offer the following information regarding dial and switch settings. Below are the settings that have been found to work with the PowerLogix design in limited testing.

The XLR8 CarrierZIF should work with the bus speed set by the dip switches and the Multiplier set by the rotary dial.

We hope this information proves useful for those to whom it pertains.

Basically, use the XLR8 matrix to determine the intended bus speed, then use the multiplier settings below for the ZIFs. For example, if running in a 9500 on a 50 MHz bus... set the CarrierZIF to a 50 MHz Bus (switches 1,2,4,6,7,8) and , a 350 MHz ZIF needs a multiplier of 7x (7*50=350), which would be switch 6 or 7.

Multipliers for the PowerLogix ZIF are as follows:

ZIF G3 - G4 Version 1 Cards:
Switch 0 = 4.5x
Switch 1 = 5.0.x
Switch 2 = 5.5x
Switch 3 = 6.0x
Switch 4 = 6.5x
Switch 5 = 7.0x
Switch 6 = 7.5x
Switch 7 = 8.0x
Switch 8 = 9.0x
Switch C = 10.0x
Switch D = 3.0x
Switch E = 3.5x
Switch F = 4.0x

ZIF G4 Version 2 Cards:
Switch 0 = 4.0x
Switch 1 = 4.5.x
Switch 2 = 5.0x
Switch 3 = 5.5x
Switch 4 = 6.0x
Switch 5 = 6.5x
Switch 6 = 7.0x
Switch 7 = 7.5x
Switch C = 8.0x
Switch F = 9.0x