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XLR8 Tech Support FAQ - InterView

1. Will InterView work on my PowerBook with a USB PC card? If so, who makes such a PC card?

Yes, provided that you have all the current device drivers installed to support the PC card. Currently, ADS Technologies is readying its Mac USB PC Cardbus device.

2. I have installed InterView 2 but it asks for a serial number. What should I do?

The request for a serial number actually indicates that you have the Interview 1.0 device and are trying to run the InterView 2.0 (OSX) drivers. You can upgrade your device by purchasing a serial number at http://Daystar-Store.com.

3. Will InterView work with the USB ports on my new PowerBook (Bronze keyboard)?

Yes, provided you have updated the firmware on your PowerBook to the most recent version.

4. Why does my video preview sometimes freeze when using a VCR as the video source for the InterView?

The video preview freeze can ensue when a source VCR is fast-forwarded, and when alternating multiple times between fast-forward and play. This issue will be addressed in a forthcoming XLR8 software update.

5. How can I boost the performance of InterView?

Like other video capture solutions, InterView works best with file sharing and virtual memory disabled. Though proprietary hardware compression is implemented in the pod, USB bandwidth is limited, and software decompression of the video stream is processor dependent, with optimal 320x240 29-30fps captures attainable with a G3 Processor.

6. Why is the video preview often lighter than the actual captured video?

This problem has been isolated and will be addressed in the next version of the XLR8 software. A work around right now is to change the compressor to "None". Note that the file generated will be MUCH larger (because it will have all that color information that "XLR8 Component Video" tosses out) and the frame rate will drop to 20 fps or so.

7. How do I get Audio into my machine using InterView?

We have included a Mini-plug to RCA-type audio adapter with the InterView package. Using this adapter, you can use the RCA-type connector that came with your camera to get audio into your Mac. The Mini-plug end of the connector is plugged into your Microphone port. If you don't have a "sound in" port you can use Griffin's iMic.

8. Can I use InterView as part as a live video web feed?

Yes, InterView works with a wide variety of webcam software packages, and QuickTime Broadcaster.

9. Can I use the InterView and included software to watch live, full speed video in a desktop window?

Yes. You can also use the small Apple Video Player, which came with your operating system, to do this.

10. My preview window is not showing what it is supposed to. Instead, I have either a Grey, Blue, or black screen. What is the problem?

These are the possible causes of the Grey, Blue, or Black preview windows.
Grey screen:

1) The USB drivers are not installed or are not responding. Re-install the USB Drivers version 1.2 from Apple Computer, or update to Mac OS 8.6.

2) The VideoShop application is not located on the boot disk. Note that some European users may report this as an inability to select PAL in the source menu. Drag the VideoShop folder to the system disk to resolve.

Blue screen:

1) The Strata VideoShop Preferences have become corrupt. Throw away the VideoShop preferences located in the Preferences folder in the System

2) The InterView Files, located in the System Folder under Preferences, are corrupt. Throw away the folder and re-install the InterView Drivers.

3) Adobe Type Manager™ 4.0.2 is enabled. Disable ATM by dragging it out of the Control Panels folder in the System Folder.

4) There is a problem with QuickTime. Re-install QuickTime 4 and the InterView Drivers

Black Screen:

  1. No video source is connected, or it is not active. Connect an active video source to InterView.

2) The wrong Video source has been selected in the Video Options. Select either S-Video (Black) or Composite (Yellow) depending on which you are using

11. When using my iMac, I frequently experience a long pause that resembles a freeze. After about 15-30 seconds, my iMac returns to normal. What is causing this?

Both Apple and we at XLR8 have received reports from customers that their iMac will appear to pause or stall for a brief period during use. Apple has identified the problem and attributed it to a situation where there is no CD in the CD-ROM drive.
The fix for this is available in the form of Apple's new version of the iMac CD Update. This update corrects an intermittent delay that can occur on some iMac models when the above situation is encountered.

We recommend that ALL iMac owners install this update.

  • The iMac CD Update utility is available for download from the Apple
    Software Updates web site at http://www.apple.com/swupdates
  • The software update for the iMac is available at
  • The direct download link is:

12. I just performed a clean install of the Mac OS and some of my USB devices, especially those connected to the XLR8 Dual Port USB card will not function properly. What can I do to fix this?

After a clean install of any Mac OS system, devices that are plugged into USB host adapters will no longer function. The 1.x USB libraries must be reinstalled to correct the problem.