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XLR8 Information FAQ- USB Performance Package

1. What is the USB Performance Package?

The USB Performance Package is a suite of products designed to provide fine tuned control of the MAChSpeed G3, as well as provide non-USB, PCI based Macs total compatibility with the rapidly expanding number of USB products on the market.

2. What is included in the Performance Package?

  • The XLR8 Point&Scroll Mouse.
  • DualPort USB PCI Adapter.
  • XLR8's new PowerControl 3.0 performance testing, monitoring and interactive benchmarking tool.
  • PowerFrax 1.5.0 Fractal Generator.
  • MAChSpeed Control - OS9 Software with Virtual Firmware.

3. How Can I get the Performance Package?

The Performance Package is available from http://Daystar-Store.com.

4. What capabilities does the Performance Package offer?

  • The Performance Package allows any PCI based Power Macintosh to take advantage of the growing list of USB devices through the DualPort USB PCI Adapter.
  • The XLR8 Point&Scroll Mouse revolutionizes the way you will work with a hand held pointing device. Featuring two programmable buttons and a scroll wheel, the XLR8 Point&Scroll Mouse eliminates the need to use traditional scroll bars. You can simply move the wheel in the direction you wish to scroll and the active page or window moves upwards or downwards. When the wheel is pressed, windows scroll at turbo speed.
  • The PowerContol software is a full suite of utilities that extensively tests RAM, CPU and SCSI, as well as giving other valuable information about your computers characteristics.
  • The MAChSpeed control Software allows you to control cache settings for your G3 or G4 card and through its Virtual Firmware software, allows for complete compatibility and enhanced cache speed with Adaptec SCSI boards, Dantz Retrospect, Media 100 systems and more.

5. Can I get the Performance Package if I don't have an XLR8 product?

Yes. The Performance Package is available from many Mail order and online resellers. Ask your favorite reseller about The Performance Package.

6. I just performed a clean install of the Mac OS and some of my USB devices, especially those connected to the XLR8 Dual Port USB card will not function properly. What can I do to fix this?

After a clean install of any Mac OS system, devices that are plugged into USB host
adapters will no longer function. The 1.x USB libraries must be reinstalled to
correct the problem.