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XLR8 Information FAQ - DualPort USB

1. What exactly is the DualPort USB card?

The DualPort USB is a PCI card that, once installed in a PCI based Macintosh, allows users to take advantage of the ever growing number of USB peripherals that, up to now, have only been compatible with iMacs and the Blue and White G3's.

2. Is DualPort USB difficult to install?

No. It is a standard PCI card that will install in minutes into any PCI-based Macintosh.

3. How can I get a DualPort USB?

The DualPort USB is available as part of the USB Performance Package or can be purchased separately from XLR8 or from many Mail order and online resellers. Ask your favorite reseller about DualPort USB.

4. Why do I need the USB 1.x Update from Apple? Can’t I run with the version included on the CD-ROM?

For optimal results from your DualPort USB, we recommend that the USB 1.2 Update be installed. Otherwise some USB devices may not work as expected, or perform as well as they should.

5. I just performed a clean install of the Mac OS and some of my USB devices, especially those connected to the XLR8 Dual Port USB card will not function properly. What can I do to fix this?

After a clean install of any Mac OS system, devices that are plugged into USB host
adapters will no longer function. The 1.2 USB libraries must be reinstalled to
correct the problem.