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XLR8 Information FAQ MAChCarrier & CarrierZIF
Also see FAQ - Nomenclature

1. What is the difference between the MAChCarrier, the Carrier ZIF and the MAChSpeed G3?

The G3 processor on the MAChSpeed G3 series CPU cards is permanently attached to the board and cannot be replaced.

The MAChCarrier G3 combination is radically different in that the G3 ZIF daughtercard is inserted into a Zero Insertion Force slot (identical to that on the Apples G3 systems) allowing the processor to be replaced. This unprecedented flexibility allows for easy upgrading to future processors as they are released.

The CarrierZIF is simply the Adapter only without the ZIF CPU (users can add their own G3/G4 ZIF from XLR8, Apple or third parties.

2. What is the difference between the MAChCarrier and the Carrier ZIF?

The difference between the MAChCarrier G3 and the Carrier ZIF is the MAChCarrier comes with an XLR8 ZIF module on-board, as the Carrier ZIF is only the adapter.

3. What does the MAChCarrier G3 or the CarrierZIF offer me as opposed to the many other upgrade cards on the market?

  1. With XLR8's exclusive Smart Control with Virtual Firmware, these cards offer maximum compatibility with applications and peripherals.
  2. By offering a removable ZIF socket on the card, users have the choice of moving the CPU between systems and upgrading the CPU without changing the card.
  3. XLR8's MVP (Multiple Variable Processing) switches allow users to get maximum speed from CPUs that can run faster than factory rated speeds..

4. What systems will accept the MAChCarrier G3/Carrier ZIF?

The MAChCarrier and CarrierZIF will work with the Apple Power Macintosh 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8600, 9500, and 9600 series. They also work in UMAX SuperMac S900 and J700 systems, PowerComputing PowerTower, PowerCenter, and PowerWave systems, and the Daystar Genesis MP 720 and up and the Millennium series.

5. How fast will it go?

In theory it is limited only by the CPU multiplier, 7400s (G4s) are limited to a 9 x multiplier so the speed is limited to 450 MHz (9x50). A 7450 has a 16x multiplier, (600 and up MHz) but no one has a 7450 form factor that fits.

The speed of the MAChCarrier G3 and Carrier ZIF can be adjusted by a set of switches on the Carrier daughtercard and a set of jumpers on the ZIF module. A complete chart for all possible settings is included in the manual.

5. What ZIFs work with the Carrier?

XLR8 and Apple are guaranteed to work. OWC's are pretty much copies of Apple's, so they work as well. PowerLogix does work, but has a number of version problems. We have had mixed resultes with Sonnet's due to their attempt at "auto" setting the CPU.