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For Immediate Release, September 30, 2003                    Click to view PDF version

Daystar Technology Announces the XLR8 MAChSpeed G4 Pismo...
PowerPC G4 Upgrades for the PowerBook G3 (Pismo).

Upgrades deliver 500-550 MHz G4 performance for FireWire PowerBooks.
Features 24 hour factory installation, and near-zero downtime!

Atlanta, Georgia, September 30, 2003: Daystar Technology, the compatibility leader in Macintosh performance has expanded its system upgrade technology to include the Apple PowerBook G3 2000 series, also known as the "Pismo" PowerBook, or the PowerBook G3 FireWire.

Combining technologies from Daystar and XLR8, the new upgrade not only provides the industry's fastest G4 performance available for the last generation of the black PowerBooks, but also features a low-power design that extends battery life and runs cooler than competitive offerings.

The MAChSpeed G4 Pismo is factory installed and tested by Daystar in a unique 24 hour turnaround program. Daystar adds additional speed to the installation process with its exclusive "Week-ender" installation program, providing 12 hour turnaround. The Week-ender program allows users to achieve near-zero downtime by sending their PowerBook in on Thursday evening, then receiving the upgraded system on Monday.

"We've worked hard to create an upgrade/program that provides a competitive reason for people to upgrade, rather than 'buy new'," said Gary Dailey, president of Daystar. "With a PowerBook G5 rumored for next year, the MAChSpeed G4 Pismo, allows a user to get Mac OS X G4 performance today, then wait for Apple's next generation, once it is proven."

MAChSpeed G4 Pismo Standard Pricing
Includes all unit 2-day shipping, CPU upgrade installation, testing, MAChSpeed Control OS9 & OSX installation and XLR8 Point&Scroll mouse

MAChSpeed G4 Pismo Week-ender Pricing (In on Friday, back on Monday)
Includes all unit overnight shipping, CPU upgrade installation, testing, MAChSpeed Control OS9 & OSX installation and XLR8 Point&Scroll mouse

How the conversion program works
Due to the sensitivity of the electronics within the PowerBook G3, and the need for low-power tuning, Daystar handles the MAChSpeed G4 Pismo as a factory installation. Unlike competitive Pismo upgrades, Daystar completes all upgrading and testing within its own facility, using its own state-of-the art equipment and worldwide recognized professionals.

  • The user is shipped a professional foam shipping container.
  • They complete the checklist, then use the prepaid label to return the container with their PowerBook G3 to Daystar.
  • Daystar performs the upgrade, updates firmware and software, then tests and returns the upgraded unit to the user.
  • The user then plugs in the new XLR8 Point&Scroll Mouse and starts working at G4 speeds.

All shipping costs and insurance is included in the MSRP listed above. The user pays an additional shipping fee for the initial shipping of the container.

Support for International Pismos
International orders are available with the standard 24 turnaround only. Although the user still recieves a shipping container, the cost of the upgrade does not include the return shipping of the user's PowerBook G3 to Daystar.

More Information
The MAChSpeed G4 Pismo product sheet is available at:

The MAChSpeed G4 Pismo information FAQ is available at: http://daystartechnology.com/support/downloads/download-xlr8/documents/faqs/faq_info_g4p.html

The MAChSpeed G4 Pismo products are available for purchase at:

Purchasing XLR8 Products
XLR8 products are available directly through Daystar Technology, via eBay and select dealers. To purchase through Daystar's online store, please visit http://Daystar-Store.com .

Additional information on Daystar Technology can be found via the Daystar website at: http://daystartechnology.com/company/ and http://daystartechnology.com/news/