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For Immediate Release, August 5, 2003                    Click to view PDF version

Daystar Technology Ships
XLR8 MAChSpeed Control - OS9 and
XLR8 MAChSpeed Control - OSX
New versions of award-winning software bring
additional performance and peace of mind to fast Macs.

Atlanta, Georgia, August 5, 2003: Daystar Technology, the compatibility leader in Macintosh performance, upgrades and expansion announced that it has formally started shipping XLR8 MAChSpeed Control - OS9 and MAChSpeed Control - OSX, cache enabling, protection and testing software. Working in partnership with Echofx, Inc., Daystar has introduced new compatibility enhancements in a "ground-up" rework of the MAChSpeed Control Software.

Previously introduced by XLR8, Inc. as a single software package, MAChSpeed Control is now distributed as two separate utilities... one for Mac OS 9 users and one for Mac OS X (and classic) users.

"The separation of the software packages allows us to focus the strengths of the software coding within each distinct OS," said Gary Dailey, president of Daystar. "We believe in performance, but not at the expense of compatibility. The reality is that a bad cache, or 'limited' cache enabling software can destroy a hard drive. MAChSpeed Control is value-added software that can enable a stock system to run up to 20% faster, but is designed to ensure that the user's system is protected".

MAChSpeed Control Exclusive Features Include;

    • Dedicated patches for platform specific issues, including...
      • NVRAM based Speculative Processing protection for PowerPC 750-7410 CPUs while running G3 and G4 CPUs in six-slot (604e) PCI systems.
      • Firmware patches for Beige G3 systems running G4 CPUs.
    • Automated cache profiling, verification and testing at boot-up.
    • Automatic cache reset in the event of a cache related system shut-down.
    • Verification of available cache speeds preventing excessive over-clocking.
    • RAM Memory check and review.
    • Interactive Cache, CPU, RAM test when utility is open.

    Additional MAChSpeed Control Features Include:

      • Easy installation and startup.
      • Write-back, and variable cache speed controls.
      • AltiVec (Velocity Engine) enabler built-in.
      • Compatibility: Any system with PowerPC 750-7410 CPU.
        • MSC-OS9: Mac OS 9.0-9.2.2
        • MSC-OSX: Mac OS X 10.0-10.2...(Panther Compatibility Expected)

        Purchasing MAChSpeed Control OS9 ($9.95)
        MAChSpeed Control - OS9 now ships with all new XLR8 brand products manufactured by Daystar. Any product purchased through Daystar Technology is upgraded free of charge. Other users can purchase MSC-OS9 directly from Daystar at: http://daystartechnology.com/store/mscosx/6 .

        Purchasing MAChSpeed Control OSX ($17.95)
        MAChSpeed Control - OSX is currently bundled free with 450, 466, 500, 533 and 550 MHz G4 direct product purchase only (not bundled with eBay purchases). Other interested users can purchase MSC-OSX directly from Daystar at: http://daystartechnology.com/store/mscosx/ .

        Daystar currently distributes XLR8 brand products via its own web store at http://Daystar-Store.com and also via eBay. It has plans this fall to begin reseller based sales.

        Additional information on Daystar Technology can be found via the Daystar website at: http://daystartechnology.com/company/ and http://daystartechnology.com/news/