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For Immediate Release, February 1, 2003

Daystar Technology Introduces its
90 / 728 Limited Warranty Program
Includes the industries only "immediate replacement assurance".

Atlanta, Georgia, February 1, 2003: Daystar Technology, the compatibility leader in Macintosh performance, upgrades and expansion formally announced its new warranty program designed to provide maximum customer assurance on all of its XLR8 brand products. The program provides an immediate replacement for any Daystar manufactured card with problems within the first 90 days of ownership, followed by 728 days of discounted (50% off) service should the customer have problems or damage their product..

"If an electronic part is going to have a problem, it will happen very quickly after installation. Our program provides 100% assurance whether the part breaks, or is broken, that the customer will be up an running in very short order. This program has been in practice since last fall, and in nearly all replacements, the problem has been due to user error. Either way, we ship a replacement, at our expense and the user gets going without further delay.", said Gary Dailey, President of Daystar. "Unlike competitive offerings, our customers NEVER have to wait on reseller channels, additional deposits or paperwork".

The 90/728 warranty is available on all products manufactured
by Daystar and includes;

      The hardware warranty includes:

      • An initial 90 days of immediate replacement
      • Followed by 728 days under our extended warranty plan (repairs at a 50% discount).
      • Unlimited technical support

      The software warranty includes:

      • Free upgrades to any release during the first 90 days of ownership
      • Followed by 728 days under our extended warranty plan (upgrades at a 50% discount).
      • Unlimited technical support

Daystar currently distributes XLR8 brand products via its own web store at http://Daystar-Store.com and also via eBay. It has plans this summer to begin reseller based sales.

Additional information on Daystar Technology and the 90/728 Limited Warranty can be found via the Daystar website at: http://daystartechnology.com/company/