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For Immediate Release, January 1, 2003

Daystar Technology Acquires
Exclusive Rights and Designs to all XLR8 brand Products

Atlanta, Georgia, January 1, 2003: Daystar Technology, the original leader in Macintosh expansion products and upgrades, has acquired full rights to the future of XLR8 brand products. Under the acquisition, Daystar has exclusive ownership of all XLR8 brand product designs, in process and in planning, including all XLR8 intellectual property, software, brand and web ownership.

"This is a true turning point in the acceleration market. We (XLR8, Inc.) are excited to see the XLR8 brand pass to a historic leader in the Macintosh developer community.", said Jack Kolk, President of XLR8, Inc. "With the closure of XR8, Inc., this acquisition provides a strong future and continued support path for existing XLR8 customers".

"Since last September, we have been able to more than triple the quality of the XLR8 brand and look forward to releasing new products and software in the near future." said Gary Dailey, president of Daystar Technology.

Daystar will be providing its own 90/728 warranty and support for XLR8 brand products. Users that purchased XLR8 products through XLR8, Inc. will qualify for 728 days of discounted service at 50% off of normal rates..

Daystar currently distributes XLR8 brand products via its own web store at http://Daystar-Store.com and also via eBay. It has plans this summer to begin reseller based sales.

Additional information on Daystar Technology can be found via the Daystar website at: http://daystartechnology.com/company/